Our History

More than 90 Years of Professional Training

Like all successful things in life, St Patrick's Institute of Education has been evolving over its nine decades of history. But we love remembering where we came from -  the premier business institution for young ladies who wanted to train to be the best administrative support professionals (secretaries) in Sydney.

Back in those days it was quite something for a woman to have a successful career, and naturally she was required to give it all up when it came time to have a family. The 1920s St Patrick's curriculum included Physical Culture classes, involving Deportment, Corrective and Health Drills, Breathing Exercises, as well as Folk and Classical Dancing which were all taught in an 'interesting manner' and were 'quite enjoyable to the students'. Happily for our contemporary students, we have progressed a long way since those days.

Many things have changed since the 1920s

An excerpt from the 1926 Prospectus
"Parents are pleased to have the opportunity of placing their Daughters with us during the most impressionable years of their lives, that, whilst receiving a thorough Commercial Course, the Moral and Religious Training may not be neglected"

Today, although we remain a Catholic organisation in essence, moral and religious training is no longer part of the curriculum. Instead, in the twenty-first century we focus on the role of ethics in the modern business and work environment, as well as the valuable contributions our students can make to the communities they live and work in.

We have also welcomed male students for a number of years, and now have courses that appeal to mature-age students seeking a career change.

We've kept the musical typing classes

We introduced music to typing classes back in the 1920s to ensure our girls had a graceful and smooth flow when touch typing. This technique is still used today - much to the amusement of our students, but we know it works! In the 21st century being able to type is still an essential business skill which allows all people at all levels to be more efficient. Our students find it very funny that we use the same classical sonatas more than 90 years on to such great effect.

The St Patrick's Debutant Ball

Our annual Debutant Ball was the talk of the town from the 1920s through to the 1970s.

200 Debutants through the glass ceiling: Wentworth Hotel

Well into the 1970's we were graduating around 200 debutants a year, all dressed in stunning floor-length white gowns in the ballroom of the Wentworth Hotel. Our young ladies all had their dancing lessons prior to the event, and gentlemen were invited from local colleges to ensure everyone got a turn around the dance floor. Today our young men and women who graduate celebrate in a less formal style ...although they still know how to have fun.

A proud history and an exciting future

We love these images of days gone by, but like many of our students we are very proud of who we have become today. In the twenty-first century we are delighted to be entering a new era, with a new vibrant campus in Sydney's CBD.  Our website is constantly evolving with details on new full-time Diploma, classroom courses and FlexiStudy Diplomas and courses.

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"Deportment Classes"
1930's class
Touch typing 1926
Beautiful 1976 Debutant
Debutant 1976
Stephanie 1996
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