Career Options for Year 10, Year 11 & Year 12 School Leavers

Transition from school to career, no ATAR required

A Patrick Careers Academy Institute of Education (PCA) full-time Diploma course offers a great alternative transition from school to career. No ATAR is required, VET Students Loans and payment option plans are available, and after just 40 weeks of study over 95% of our full-time Diploma graduates seeking employment step straight into their first jobs.

Many young adults are seeking financial independence and options for being able to carve out their own way in life. Leaving school can be a great way to give yourself a head start on the career ladder, if you make sure you have the right vocational skills that employers in the 21st century are looking for.

A Patrick Careers Academy Diploma provides school leavers with the opportunity to acquire not only practical business skills, but even more importantly the time to mature and develop life skills such as professional presentation and job preparation in the lead up to interviews. No ATAR is required to enrol, and our trainers give students individual attention to make sure they achieve their personal best, and act as coaches and mentors throughout the study year. 

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PCA Full-Time Diploma Courses

We provide our students with a supportive and nurturing environment in which to achieve their individual bests,as part of our ethos of care and attention for each student. This approach underpins our exemplary track record of having 95-100% of our students graduate each year, and over 95% of those students seeking full-time work stepping straight into jobs.

Patrick Careers Academy incorporates additional professional development training into the 40-week study curriculum, which includes Professional Presentation, Social Media for Business, Ethics in Contemporary Business and our stand-out Job Placement Program. We currently offer two full-time Diploma courses in our portfolio, focusing on providing students with the professional skills employers in the 21st century are looking for when they hire new graduates.



Aimed at providing students with coaching throughout their studies to identify their chosen career path, the dedicated Patrick Careers Academy Job Placement Program also includes training in job applications, presentation skills and interviews, as well as a week long work placement in the industry of the student's choice. We believe this is the key to our graduate career success, and we have a well-connected Career Partners network with some of Sydney's top firms across a broad spectrum of industries such as legal, accountancy, health, property management, transport, travel and business. 


  • Opportunity for independence
  • Study focuses on job outcomes
  • Vibrant inner-city campus, close to all public transport
  • Great atmosphere, friendly trainers and great camaraderie between students
  • Structured learning environment, with uniforms for professional presentation
  • Interview training and job preparation
  • Additional workshops for practical experience in using social media for business
  • 4 day study week

Interested in joining the Patrick Careers Academy Pathway to Success?
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VET Student Loans are available on full-time diploma courses. Information and fact sheets about the VET Student Loan program can be found here >>

Other loans are available through the Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, HSBC, National Australia Bank, St George and Westpac - please contact the respective banks for more details.

For more details on our Full-Time Diploma Course Fees and Payment Plan options, please visit our Course Fee Information page here >>

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