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While our students are all digital natives and have grown up with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, it’s important for them to understand the difference between using social media applications for personal use and professional purposes.

Digital and social marketing are the fastest growing methods for companies to promote their products and services, and our dedicated workshop this month will introduce students to the many different online platforms and social media channels being used by big business.

With an introduction to the many varied online platforms and social media channels being utilised to raise brand awareness and to increase sales of products and services, the SPIE Social Media for Business workshop will focus on helping students become aware of their digital footprint and managing their online professional reputation.

Students will create their own LinkedIn profile and learn the value of online networking to enable them to stay one step ahead in the recruitment process throughout their careers, and they will also experience setting up online meetings and using social media applications as team collaboration tools.

A guest talk from the Digital Strategist and Director of the Sydney-based boutique digital and content marketing agency, Storyhub, will underline to students the increasing opportunities today for young business graduates with professional social media skills to achieve entry-level positions with large brands and firms.

The workshop will complete with an afternoon session learning to use practical online software tools for managing multiple social media accounts, as well as designing and creating social media posts for various specific channels.

“Introducing our students to the concept of professional social media management is vital in this era of online marketing and communications,” says Anne Fairhall, Director of Education, “and we provide this dedicated workshop as part of our tailored curriculum for all full-time Diploma students undertaking the BSB50215 Business and BSB50415 Business Administration courses to further augment their skills base.

“These are absolutely the kind of skills that employers in the contemporary business market are seeking when hiring new graduates, and we are equipping our graduates with the ability to stand-out from the rest during the interview process, and to hit the ground running as soon as they’ve secured their first position. It’s why many of Sydney’s top firms come to us first when seeking new employees.”